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-Let us unite and be the change!

  This page will be dedicated to bringing awareness to those of the less fortunate.  We will lovingly refer to this page as Project Rabbit Rescue.  PRR will bring to you the insight of the precious lives in need, and how you can help our beloved friends Oryctolagus Cunculis, fondly known as the bunny!  

We are sincerely grateful and applaud those who don't think twice about giving of themselves to save a life! These people are truly dedicated.  Motivated by passion, they work tirelessly in saving the lives of the bunnies less fortunate then our beloved house companions.  

The unfortunate beings you will see spotlighted on this page, are of the result of irresponsible human error.  Innocent beings left to their own survival devices, populating by instincts call, therefore increasing the numbers that are left to suffer.  Lonely, hungry, hurt and injured, living in fear of being the next prey of a horrible fate.

Let us join together, open our hearts, our homes, donate, support a bunny in need!

No offering to small, everything counts and matters tremendously to a life of a bunny!

  May we pull resources together so these bunnies too come to know the loving touch of a kind human hand, a bowl of fresh veggies, a warm comfortable place to be, may they have a Binking moment -

a loving and peaceful future!


A young Rex buck was apparently left to fend for himself, and white at that! A sitting target!

Fox, mountain lion, coyotes, bears, and owls are abundant in the area, so needless to say our adrenaline was put into overdrive to get this bunny off the streets and into our arms before night fall. We were determined he would not meet the horrible fate in the jaws or claws of the night predator.  As we worked diligently to capture this little guy, it appeared all the series of events to follow seemed to be orchestrated from above. 

Through the dedicated efforts of Rusty & Furriends, let us introduce our  spotlighted rescue bunnies that were saved and need your support today!

Rusty & Furriends received a message from a foster whose sister regularly checks a Kill Shelter’s list for dogs to pull, when she met Riven. At the shelter Riven was put for bad behavior, but he is actually a real sweetie.
Cilantro, Pumpkin, & Sage
Park babies rescued from a North Las Vegas City Park. Pumpkin and Cilantro were rescued together but are not actual siblings. Sage was rescued a week later and is Pumpkin’s bigger sibling. Their park habitat is being destroyed by redevelopment and city officials who claim to be TNR’ing feral bunnies are non transparent. The babies burrows are being filled in. Park feeders are now disallowed and the numbers of bunnies have dipped from 200 to 20-30.
Zinnia - A beautiful girl with long eyelashes who adores long petting sessions. She was last spotted after the poisonings from the Vegas Dumpsite. She has a front curled leg (an old  dislocation), although she is not a special needs bunny and she does not consider herself one.
Corbin Before
Corbin After
Bugsy, previously Corbin, rescued from a Henderson Nevada neighborhood- His owner had 4 bunnies in his backyard that dug their way out and had been running up and down a long street since July 4th or before. Bugsy came to Rusty & Furriends on 8/30/18 after at least 2 months of running and suffering an eye injury! His nails were also worn down to the quik probably from running on concrete. He had been fighting with the other bunnies this man had. Bugsy has been adopted to a family who adores him.
Conrad Before
Conrad After
Brother of Corbin, Drew Jr, previously Conrad whom Rusty & Furriends took in 9/17. Drew Jr eluded capture for nearly 3 more weeks. Drew Jr has adopted!
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Corbin Before